Megan and Chris fossil hunting on the Dorset Coast
September 2005


Cows on the road


Our GPS is invaluable for navigating the confusing "carriage ways" of England. However, a GPS only knows so much about planning a route. Outside of Burton Bradstock it delivered us straight into the middle of a traffic jam.

The rock hammer falls

Smiling fossil hunter

We collected fossils in two towns on the Dorset coast: Seatown and Burton Bradstock. We stayed in the famous town of Lyme Regis, where one of the first dinosaurs was discovered and geological mysteries started to unfold in the 19th Century.

For Chris, treasure hunting in Cretaceous rocks on a beautiful beach is pure bliss.

Seatown messy mud work

Moss on the rocks

Dorset walking path

Megan enjoys fossil hunting, but not all day. After spending a few hours on the rocks and the beach, she took a hike.

In England they just call it "walking." It might not sound like much of an activity when you just call it walking, but it's very popular. There's a walking path that extends all the way around the Soutwest tip of England.

Sundown at Burton Bradstock

Sunset at Seatown