Megan and Chris in Paris
October 2005

Chris and Megan in front of Eiffel tower

Megan with Eiffel TowerMegan with Eiffel Tower

Paris is breathtakingly beautiful, especially at night. It is awesome in its grandeur. We were thrilled.

Another surprise: the Eiffel Tower is much larger than you think it is, or at least, much larger than we thought it was.

Below: Notre Dame. Like the massive cathedral in Cologne, Germany, that so fascinated us, there is an incredible collection of Medieval art and history inside Notre Dame. You could spend hours there. (This is one of the reasons we need to go back to Paris; we didn't have enough time here or at the many museums.)

Chris and Megan in front of Notre Dame

Chris with cannon

Random fountain with pigeons

Arch de Triumpe at Louvre
Arch de Triumpe at Louvre

Megan grabs the cameraDoors at Louvre
Doors at Louvre: Chris


Statue of Grand Palace

Eiffel Tower