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Door County

One of our first road trips together was for a fish boil with Megan's Ostrand family in Sturgeon Bay. We love the rural beauty of Door County's farmland, cherry orchards, and its stunning views of Lake Michigan.

Aside from the scenery, Door County offers a wealth of local attractions, from wineries (beware Cherry wine!) and Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant, to riding stables and golf courses, to the fabulous Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

Here are a few recommended places to visit. For a more complete list, try the Door County Vacations site.

For local information and attractions around Kewaunee, please visit the Kewaunee Chamber of Commerce site.

Megan at Cana Lighthouse

If you have any questions about where to stay or what to do, feel free to e-mail us.

Local Attractions

  • Door County Maritime Museum

    Door County's past (and present) is closely tied to the water. It's been a center for ship building, Great Lakes shipping, and fishing. We recommend the maritime museum as a great place to enjoy local history.
  • Lighthouses

    For a sneak preview, click here. This page includes small photos of the lighthouses in Algoma, Kewaunee, and Sturgeon Bay.
  • UFO Landing Port

    This Poland, Wisconsin, curiousity is worth a look. Well, maybe this picture is enough:
    UFO Landing Port
  • Lambeau Field

    Visit the home of the Green Bay Packers. They have a game on September 18. Green Bay pre-game tailgating can be as fun as the game itself!
  • The Flying Pig

    A funky Algoma "art gallery" on the road to Kewaunee.


Part of the appeal of Door County is its Swedish immigrant heritage (from families like the Ostrands). For this, don't miss the kitschy Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant, complete with goats on the roof.

Goats on the roof of Al Johnsons

You have to try their authentic Swedish pancakes. They're the best this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Going for brunch is a natural choice but on a weekend it will be packed. Keep in mind they serve pancakes all day.

Chris with Wisconsin cheese

And while in Wisconsin, don't forget to sample Wisconsin cheese. In particular, try some cheese curds. The fried ones are best. If you don't mind the calories you really can't miss with these. After all, they're cheese ... and they're fried.

Outdoor Activities and Parks

  • The Farm
    Four miles north of Sturgeon Bay on Hwy 57, (920)743-6666

    "Become a part of rural America. Visit farm animals and fowl in natural surroundings. Bottle-feed goat kids and lambs. Pick up a piglet. Milk a goat. Watch chicks hatch. See log buildings, farm tools and implements, nature trails and exhibits."

    This was Megan's favorite place as a kid, until one day when a pushy goat ate Megan's bag of cracked corn and some of her sleeve.
  • Golf

    If you're up for a drive, the famous Whistling Straits is around 1.5 hours from Kewaunee in Kohler, WI (also home to the luxurious American Club resort).

    If you are looking for Door County golf, another couple with a Door County wedding and local expertise put some suggestions together.
  • The Lake Michigan Shoreline

    Hike, bike, or simply enjoy the views. Click here for a park locations map or here for a DNR listing of the parks. The highlights:

    • Whitefish Dunes State Park
      Cty. Hwy. A, Jacksonport
      The park's 863 acres of forests and dunes along the rugged coast of Lake Michigan include a large expanse of sandy beach and the highest dunes in the state.
      Whitefish Dunes State Park
    • Cave Point County Park
      Cty. Hwy. A, Jacksonport
      Adjacent to the Whitefish Dunes, Cave Point resounds to the din of waves crashing against rock and moving through the parks sandstone caves.
    • Ridges Sanctuary
      Baileys Harbor
      Hiking and birding are at their best at the Ridges Sanctuary in Baileys Harbor. This privately-held wildflower preserve includes the Baileys Harbor Rangelight and Lighthouse, and a beautiful sandy beach open to the public.
    • Peninnsula State Park
      Fish Creek
      Located on a 3776-acre peninsula jutting into Green Bay between Fish Creek and Ephraim, this park offers spectacular forests, sandy beaches, and the 130 year-old Bluff Lighthouse.
    • Ellison Bluff County Park
      Ellison Bay
      Take in the breathtaking view of the Bay from the crest of Ellison Bluff, a 200-ft. escarpment at water's edge.
    • Potowatomi State Park
      3740 Park Drive, Sturgeon Bay
      A 1178-acre state park with over two miles of Green Bay shoreline.
      Potawatami State Park
    • Rock Island State Park
      Rock Island
      A ten-minute passenger ferry ride from the Northeast corner of Washington Island lies 900-acre Rock Island, the site of Potowatomi Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse on Lake Michigan. Visitors are awed by the rugged natural beauty of the island's craggy shoreline and rock-strewn beaches.
first trip
Megan and Chris on their first visit to Door County, September 2000.
The photo was taken by Megan's parents, Sue and Steve, as the four of them were on the road south.