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Megan and Chris

[Note: This page is from 2005. We're now living in New York again.]

Megan and Chris in front of St. Paul's Cathedral in London

Megan McClellan and Chris Whitten currently live in Greenwich, London, where they are enjoying their latest life adventure together. Their hobbies include travel, scuba diving, cycling, and hiking. They both feel passionately about individual freedom and free enterprise. And they are both vegetarians who love animals and nature.

Megan and Chris in Long Island
The weekend after getting engaged, on a bike trip out to the tip of Long Island.

Megan and Chris met in March 2000 at a libertarian convention. Chris was speaking on freedom and the Internet and Megan attended his talk. After Chris's speech, a mutual friend introduced the couple, who spent the rest of the evening sharing stories and ideas.

Over the following four years, their respect, friendship, and love continued to grow. In June 2004, during a hiking trip north of New York City, they decided to make a lifelong commitment to each other.

Megan and Chris in Scotland
In Scotland.

Chris grew up in a small city in central Massachusetts – Fitchburg – with his brother Ted and his mother Donna. His father and step-mother Ted and Vicki Whittenkraus lived nearby in Ashby, Massachusetts. Chris's grandparents, Edward and Mildred (Bartlett) Whitten, and Jim and Elsie (Oldford) Howes, were also an important part of his upbringing, but have now all passed.

Chris started college in Vermont and then transferred to New York University. After graduating from NYU with a degree in economics in 1993 he stayed in NYC and worked for a libertarian mail-order book catalog called Laissez Faire Books. In 1995 he created a portal for libertarian ideas on the Internet, Free-Market.Net, and in 1997 he founded a non-profit organization, The Henry Hazlitt Foundation, to host it. The organization grew to employ five people full-time and a dozen more part-time.

In 2001 he "retired" from his non-profit work, at least temporarily. This work consumed too much of him; being with Megan helped him see that there was more in life to enjoy. He is now pleasantly employing himself with for-profit entrepreneurship. His company is, Inc., which publishes FAQ Farm.

Chris lived in Chicago for about eight years, where he met Megan. He accompanied her back to New York City, and on to London.

Megan and Chris at a Cricket Game
After watching our first (only?) cricket match in July 2005.

Megan was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but grew up in Panama City, Florida, where she learned to appreciate the fine art of Tabasco and raw oysters.

Her parents, Steve and Sue (Ostrand) McClellan, are moving back to their home state of Wisconsin this summer. Her sister Molly still lives in Florida and is attending graduate school.

Megan is a graduate of Phillips Academy (1996) in Andover, Massachusetts, and has a mathematics degree from the University of Chicago (2001). Upon college graduation, Megan took a job with Banc of America Securities in Sales and Trading in Chicago. Her career in the financial markets has led to London, where she currently works in structured interest rates.

Over the past five years, Chris's unconditional love, friendship, and wisdom have helped Megan challenge her potential personally and professionally. Without Chris, Megan may never have appreciated a spontaneous road trip, found her calling on the trading floor, fully recognized the importance of family, or learned to look forward to a bathtub full of fossils.

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Megan and Chris